What service do you require?

While many families still prefer face-to-face tutoring, recent changes in how schools have been delivering their lessons have converted many to online tutoring.

Benefits of online tutoring
  • A wider range of tutors to choose from as there are no geographical constraints.
  • Lower costs as tutors do not need to travel.
  • The computer-based tutoring session may appeal to some children rather than sitting at a table completing worksheets.
  • We use the latest technology to ensure full interaction between student and tutor.
  • Work is set, in accordance with your child’s needs and learning goals – in the same way as with a home tutor.
  • You can opt to have a mix of home and online sessions – everything/anything is possible.


Our in-home tuition option is still our most popular service. Our students look forward to their weekly individually tailored sessions.

How it works?

We conduct an initial free assessment based on phone or Zoom conversations, school reports and a review of students’ work.
We then carefully select the correct tutor for you.

Where does the tutoring happen?

All tuition is delivered in the comfort of your home. We also offer online tuition; this is a very popular option and we use the best software available.

How do we select our tutors?

All our tutors are carefully selected and interviewed by our team. We have a three-step interview process:

1) The TutorCruncher biography and résumés are discussed over the phone (with all tutors).

2) Face to face interview where all interviewees are given a variety of scenarios so we can assess how they teach.

  • Security and reference checks completed (all our tutors have a DBS)
  • Qualification check
  • Safeguarding Checks

3) Final meeting with the prospective tutor where Headway’s strict code of conduct is discussed and signed before any work begins with one of our families.


Our weekly group sessions are a great way to give your child a focused and collaborative approach to their 11+ journey.

Why choose group tuition?
  • Collaborative learning as carried out at school
  • School lesson structure
  • Teaching and planning by qualified teachers
  • Affordable
  • Small group sizes
What will be delivered?

11 plus preparation and KS2 confidence and consolidation in maths and English:

  • Maths – curriculum coverage & extension; problem-solving; and non-verbal reasoning
  • English – creative writing; comprehension; grammar; and verbal reasoning
When and Where?

Wednesday (in person) and Thursday (online) – during the school term time. To see our term dates please click here.

  • Maths- 16:30-17:30
  • English- 17:30-18:30

The Exchange
(Opposite the train station)

How much will it cost?

Each hour-long session will cost £25 (£20 online).

Can my child only attend the English or maths session?


How many students will be in each session?

All group sessions will have a maximum of 8 students.

How can I secure a space?

To register your interest in the group sessions please contact us ASAP as spaces for the year are limited.


The focus of our mock sessions is to put minds at rest and prepare our students for the real entrance exam.

  • Monday 25th October 2021
  • Tuesday 26th October 2021
  • Wednesday 27th October 2021

All sessions will start promptly at 09:00 (so please arrive in good time) and finish at 12:00.


The Exchange, Twickenham, TW1 1BE
(Opposite the train station)

Monday 27th October:

Maths: How to approach a maths paper, where to gain the ‘must have’ marks and how to avoid careless errors.
Problem solving: How to solve the problems and using the inverse.
Non-verbal reasoning: Exposure to common patterns and techniques provided to approach challenging questions.
*All sessions will be based upon 11 plus papers and all sessions will last for approximately 1 hour

Tuesday 28th October:

Creative writing session: Sessions will include- planning, structure and content.
Comprehension: Techniques for written and multiple choice papers, tips to differentiate between retrieval, inference and vocabulary questions.
Verbal reasoning: Exposure to common patterns and techniques provided to approach challenging questions.
*All sessions will be based upon 11 plus papers and all sessions will last for approximately 1 hour

Wednesday 29th October:

Mock exams:

  • Maths paper
  • English paper
  • Reasoning papers
All sessions will feature:
Exam technique:
  • How to avoid silly mistakes
  • Making every second count
  • What working out to show
  • Tackling the toughest of questions
  • Expert advice on everything from using diagrams and visual aids through to checking whether answers are sensible
Handling time pressure:
  • Students will be given a specified time to answer questions. This will simulate the time available in a real exam
  • Advice on when to stop attempting a question and move on to the next one
What happens after?

The papers will be marked and feedback will be provided to you and your tutor via email. The feedback will clearly highlight the areas to address before January 2022 arrives.

​Who plans and delivers the sessions?
  • The sessions have all been carefully planned by our directors both of whom work in independent schools in West London.
  • The sessions will be delivered by qualified teachers.
What is the price?
  • The cost of the three-day workshop is £210
  • Alternatively, £75 per day (Monday & Tuesday)
  • The cost of attending just the final day (Wednesday) for the full mock exams and receiving feedback will be £100

To reserve a space at our October 2021 mock exam workshop, please contact us below.


From one term to a full academic year, let Headway’s, professional, reliable, homeschool tutors support your child with their at-home learning.

Our approach

At Headway, we feel it is important to embrace a varied approach to education. So if you’ve decided home schooling is right for your child, we’re here to ensure it’s as productive and effective as any of the top schools.

Trusted framework

We offer a framework of the study, with exercises, lessons and advice when needed from tutors without interfering with the choice that the parent has made. We also provide evidence, should it be required, of the work and progress of these children to satisfy local authority enquiries.

Dedicated and knowledgeable tutors

A team of dedicated full-time tutors will provide one to one tuition for your child across the curriculum, in an immersive, fun and highly engaging atmosphere. In addition to the academics, we can also tailor a programme of cultural, sporting and artistic experiences for your child.

Our experienced, discreet, professional tutors can live in, or nearby, or can travel with you in order to ensure continuity of education for your child.

For more information on our homeschooling programs please contact one of the team


Easter Workshops for children


As well as high quality 121 tutoring Headway also offer a range of non-core subjects workshops to keep those little minds busy over the holidays for students in years 1-6. 

Our fun and engaging lessons, planned and taught by subject specialists, are a great way to introduce your child to something exciting and possibly new.

For your free complimentary workshop please contact one of the team.


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