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Headway Tutors provide high quality science tuition in all three science subjects. If you are looking for a tutor for science we have a team experienced and qualified teachers. They can provide biology tuition either at home or online; we work hard to identify solutions that fit perfectly for your family.

Biology is a fascinating subject; a study of living organisms and their interactions in the world. As science is a core subject, biology is studied by every child at least until GCSE level. Children will study; the structure of organisms, how they develop, adapt and interact with other organisms and how the basis of life is dependent on photosynthesis. Along with the specific subject knowledge, children are taught science skills such as enquiry, scientific methodology and critical thinking. These skills are required for many subjects across the curriculum. This means that good science tuition will have an impact on your child’s learning holistically.

Types of Biology Tuition

Whether you choose an online biology tutor or opt for a biology tutor at home, Headway can provide high quality science tuition. Whichever you choose, your child will be working with a specialist tutor for science who can assess the exact needs of your child. It may be that they require help with a specific skill, topic or more general support. Our biology tuition will be tailored to your child’s strengths and weaknesses and lessons designed to their learning style. At Headway, our specialist biology tutors will prepare your child in the course material for their specific exam board. We can provide you with an AQA Biology tutor, an OCR Biology tutor, an Edexcel Biology tutor, an IB Biology tutor, WJEC Biology Tutor or a SQA National 5 Biology tutor.

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GCSE Biology

At GCSE level science, children can study towards single subjects or combined science. In either case children study all three science subjects; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In the combined science model, children will study and be examined in all three subjects and receive an award of two GCSEs. Whereas, in the separate subjects, in which the study and examination of each subject is in greater depth, children are working towards three GCSEs. Whichever path your child is on, a biology tutor can be very helpful. They can ensure that your child has the in-depth understanding of what can be a complex and detailed subject.

It may be that your child is struggling with the more complex subject knowledge or that the volume of terms and concepts may be overwhelming. On the other hand, it may be that your child excels in sciences. You may want to ensure that they are able to make the most of their talents by allowing them individual attention which is not available at school. Whatever the reason, a Headway biology tutor will be able to assist. We can provide you with an AQA Biology tutor, an OCR Biology tutor, an Edexcel Biology tutor, an IB Biology tutor, WJEC Biology Tutor or a SQA National 5 Biology tutor.

A Level Biology Tutor

A level biology is a popular and well respected subject offering a variety of prospects for degree courses or employment. It is the gateway to many careers as the skills acquired are highly sought after. However, it is a challenging subject with a demanding extent of knowledge. It requires students to master the practical skills; using correct scientific apparatus, techniques and processes.

Students sit exams at the end of the two year course for A levels, whether or not they have done so at the end of the AS year. Having to retain such a extent of knowledge over a two year course is difficult. A biology tutor can help to properly prepare your child for the final examinations. They can help them to become proficient in the practical skills and embed the knowledge required for such a course. We can provide you with an A level AQA Biology tutor, an A level OCR Biology tutor, an A level Edexcel Biology tutor, WJEC Biology Tutor or a SQA Higher Biology tutor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do you have a biology tutor near me?

Yes. Whether you are looking for a science tutor in London or elsewhere in the country, we will have the solution for you. We have many biology tutors in London, in various locations across the country and also online biology tutors. Because Headway tutors have such a wide range of biology tuition options, we will be able to accommodate your needs wherever you are.

Do you have an A level Biology tutor near me?

Again, yes. At Headway tutors, we have biology tuition for all stages of primary and secondary education; our sessions are always delivered by a specialist science tutor. We can provide either a face to face biology tutor or an online biology tutor so regardless of your location, we have the support for you.

Can I combine Biology tuition with other subjects?

Yes, in fact we often have requests for a biology and maths tutor. Please get in touch and we can discuss your child’s individual needs.

How much does a biology tutor cost?

That will depend on the type of science tuition you require. Please contact us so that we can discuss your child’s needs.

Have a question that isnt listed above?

Please get in touch and our experienced and dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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