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Headway Tutors was started by two teachers and continues to provide highly skilled teachers and tutors to families both nationally and internationally. Using its own purpose-built progress tracking software POGO we can be sure that each lesson with one of our dedicated professionals brings your child one step closer to their learning goals.

Headway Tutors has been providing face to face and online tuition for 6 years. Whatever your request we can find the perfect tutor to suit your family’s needs.

We have a range of services to suit all budgets and requirements. These are delivered by carefully selected and fully DBS checked educators who have a wealth of experience behind them as well as the full support of the Headway team.

Select one of the services to learn more, or contact us directly to speak to one of the team.

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online_iconWhile many families still prefer face-to-face tutoring, recent changes in how schools have been delivering their lessons have converted many to online tutoring.

Benefits include:

  • A wider range of tutors to choose from as there are no geographical constraints.
  • Lower costs as tutors do not need to travel.
  • The computer-based tutoring session may appeal to some children rather than sitting at a table completing worksheets.
  • We use the latest technology to ensure full interaction between student and tutor.
  • Work is set, in accordance with your child’s needs and learning goals – in the same way as with a home tutor.
  • You can opt to have a mix of home and online sessions – everything/anything is possible.


Headway Tutors was conceived in one school and we now work very closely with a number of educational establishments – so close in fact that both of Headway’s directors are still in the classroom every day!

We are able to provide a range of services to schools, including one-to-one tutoring sessions either during the school day, out of term-time, or evenings and weekends.

We are pleased to be able to offer our schools’ support services on-site or even at the student’s home if that is more beneficial.

Headway Tutors has the tools, experience and staff to help bridge any gap between one-to-one support and a child’s school journey.

We work with some schools to provide home tuition over holiday periods to provide continuity. We also provide home schooling for young people who are, for whatever reason, unable to attend school in person.

Please get in touch to discuss how we can work with you and your school.

Client Info

2020-2021 Academic Year

Our term dates are kept in line with local authorities to help with your planning. Please note that sessions are available over the half-terms. All dates are inclusive.

Autumn term 2020

7th September to 20th December

Half term: 26th October to 1st November

Spring term 2021

4th January to 31st March

Half term: 15th to 21st February

Summer term 2021

19th April to 25th July

Half term: 31st May to 6th June

Progress Tracking

What is POGO Progress?

Pogo Progress is designed to help with your understanding of your child’s learning and to increase a student’s level of engagement with their tutoring. It will give you greater confidence in your tutor’s curriculum knowledge and provide you with consistent updates. This means no more waiting until parents’ evenings to find areas of strength and areas with which to assist your child.

How does it raise standards?

All our tutors plan and deliver sessions based upon the curriculum statements. This gives us complete confidence that your child’s goals are being met. The tutors have access to recommended resources that accompany the curriculum statements.

What does this mean for us and you?

Headway’s tutors can now raise standards and deliver high-quality and relevant lessons for your child’s individual goals. POGO’s comprehensive curriculum for each year group and subject provides clear learning objectives, tailored to Headway Tutors and is in line with the National Curriculum.

Need help?

Contact us on help@pogoprogress.co.uk

Visit POGO at www.pogoprogress.co.uk

Case Studies

Please click the links below to read case studies from tutors and students.

More about Headway Tutors

Meet Chris

An avid traveller and lover of languages, Chris’s passion for teaching was born in South America. Working as a TEFL teacher in Costa Rica and then Brazil, it didn’t take him long to realise the profound impact that individualised teaching could have on helping others.

Returning to the UK, he studied education at St Mary’s University which propelled him into the classroom. With over 8 years of teaching experience, Chris has worked at two very high achieving schools in West London.

What Chris has to say:
The memories of my time in South America have always stuck with me. I was blown away by the progress a student could make in a personal session, and it made me want to bring that to as many people as possible.

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11:49 12 Nov 20
Jade has worked with my daughter over her 11+ exams and beyond. I couldn’t rate her highly enough. My daughter is a worrier and has moved from struggling to confident and is well within the expected level for her age, under jades tutorship. Jade genuinely has a passion for maths and it comes through in all she does. Can I give her a 10 out five stars ⭐️?
Flappy W
Flappy W
14:13 29 Jul 20
My daughter has been working with Anthony for almost two months now. He is very flexible in terms of timings and has helped her enormously with her maths. Her confidence has grown and she is better placed to take her GCSE this coming summer (whatever form it may take!!)
Sinem Erenturk
Sinem Erenturk
18:33 17 Jul 20
We searched for support for our late summer born boys and applied to Headway Tutors this year. Thanks to them we met a very good teacher. Katie is a knowledgable teacher who is customizing her teaching style according to child's needs and approach to learning. She's working with tangible targets for each session and updating them according to child's needs. She's very creative and motivating all through the sessions.
Rebecca Huffine
Rebecca Huffine
12:22 17 Jul 20
Rebecca is a superb tutor. If only you could clone her. She’s the perfect mix of supporting and pushing, teaching and challenging. It’s obvious she genuinely loves teaching. I’ve also been impressed with Headway Tutors. Communication is consistent and I feel valued.
Jane Price
Jane Price
12:00 04 Jun 20
She is absolutely wonderful and amazing! She brings so much energy, enthusiasm and positivity to her sessions. Its really boosted our daughter's confidence, she is learning loads, engaged and really looks forward to her sessions. The work has been varied and also had good repetition. Thank you!!! She is a ray of sunshine everyday!
Paul Fondie
Paul Fondie
20:39 20 May 20
Exceeded my expectations! I was not sure what to expect with a live virtual classroom and it is well set up, but for it to be successful, it needs a teacher show can effectively get kids engaged in the session. To say Brigid has been able to get my daughter involved and engaged is an understatement. Her teaching style is enthusiastic and the energy transfers to my daughter during the lesson. I hope there is a way to continue lessons once my daughter's school re-opens.