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Maths can be a daunting subject for some and yet it is essential. At Headway, we have professional, fully qualified teachers who are experts in the subject. Maths is a fundamental skill; in primary and secondary education, a necessity for further education and employment but it is also a life skill. Those who are taught maths well, will develop a raft of transferable skills such as pattern recognition, reasoning, problem solving and computational thinking which will help with learning across the curriculum, specifically STEM subjects. Our maths tuition can support your child at any stage of their education.

Types of Maths Tuition

Parents often find it difficult to coach their own children in maths, either due to lack of confidence or because they are unsure of new teaching methods which can seem very different to those which they remember from school. Some people believe they simply ‘can’t do maths’; one of our Headway Maths tutors can help. We can provide an online maths tutor or a maths tutor at home, whichever works best for your family. Maybe you are looking for maths and English tuition combined, we have various options to meet your child’s needs.

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Primary Maths Tuition

At Primary level, children are taught the fundamentals of maths including number, measurement, geometry and statistics. These are taught incrementally at every stage, each stage building on previous knowledge. Sometimes, if children miss key number facts or concepts, they can quickly feel lost and begin to lose confidence. Whether your child requires help to catch up or they have an aptitude for maths and you want to ensure that they reach their potential, our maths tuition can assist your child in making the progress they deserve.

GCSE Maths Tuition

A strong pass in maths GCSE is essential for the next stage of your child’s education. It is also a prerequisite for any non-academic path they may choose. Maths can often be the stumbling block for otherwise well achieving students. Our specialist maths tutors are able to work with your child, assessing exactly which parts of the curriculum they need specific help with.
Within a class of children it is often difficult to pick up on an individual child who may have missed or require extra help with specific topics. The syllabus needs to be covered for the whole class, often quite quickly. Our maths tuition will allow your child to focus on what they need to, at their own pace. Our maths tutors can tailor the learning to relevant exam boards. We can provide you with an AQA maths tutor, an OCR maths tutor, an Edexcel maths tutor, an IB maths tutor, WJEC maths Tutor or a SQA National 5 maths tutor.

11+ Maths Tuition and 11+ Mock Exam

Preparing for 11+ examinations can be intimidating and can include topics and question styles not taught within the primary curriculum. Our online maths tutors or in person maths tuition can prepare your child for their important examinations. Depending on your area and exam board, these exams will vary. Our maths tutors can tailor their teaching to the specific exams that your child will face. Our 11+ maths tuition will focus on the Maths and non-verbal reasoning papers. Perhaps you need combined maths and English tuition in preparation, we can provide that too.

A Level Maths Tuition

Maths A level is a demanding course but one which provides excellent prospects for future employment. A level maths provides students with skills which are becoming more in demand in a world more and more reliant on data and technology. It can also be an excellent choice for many undergraduate courses as key skills such as logic, reasoning and problem solving have relevance to many subjects. However, even children who have excelled in Maths GCSE will often struggle with the leap from GCSE to A level where the subject becomes much more challenging. Our A Level maths tuition is delivered by experienced subject specialist maths tutors with experience of teaching A level maths.
Our maths tutors will assess your child’s needs and work with them on their subject knowledge, methods and examination techniques. We can provide you with an AQA maths tutor, an OCR maths tutor, an Edexcel maths tutor, an IB maths tutor, WJEC maths Tutor or a SQA Higher maths tutor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can Headway provide maths tuition near me?

Yes, we have maths tuition in London, in many other areas of the country and of course as we also provide a full online math tutor service, our maths tuition is wherever you are!

I’m looking for maths tuition, London. Can you help?

Yes, of course, we have many maths tutors in London but also, if more convenient we have online maths tutors. Please contact us for more information.

Do Headway have maths and English tuition near me?

We can combine subjects this is no problem. Our maths and English tuition is provided in various locations and also maths and English online tuition so our tutors are there for you wherever or however you require.

Have a question that isnt listed above?

Please get in touch and our experienced and dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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