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Our student-to-student tutoring service connects you with tutors who are currently working towards their degree. All student tutors have undergone the same rigorous interview process as our fully qualified tutors but are able to offer their tutoring services are a lower cost.

All of our student tutors are in either year 2 or 3 of their university course and are well placed to support your child with their studies as they have recently sat the exams that your child may well be preparing for.

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How our student to student services can help you

At Headway Tutors, our goal is to deliver high-quality tutoring at a reasonable cost. Working with kids on both sides is something we believe in. We strive to provide fair and acceptable remuneration for our teachers, as well as assist our students in finding high-quality instruction at reasonable pricing. Our founders saw a need in the market for students to provide tuition at a level in which they excelled, as well as a student viewpoint on revision and tests.


What levels we offer


We have student tutors who can help you get started right away. With all teaching degrees students must undergo a number of placements in schools. This means that you can be sure that the tutor you work with has recent relevant classroom experience.


Secondary school lessons are a key part of our offering. Whether it’s to increase confidence in the classroom or produce good results, our student tutors can help your child with their needs.

We offer tutors available for a variety of subjects, including math and science, as well as humanities, music, and the arts.



We understand how challenging the move from GCSE to A-Level may be. We also recognise that A-Level grades can have a significant impact on whether you get an apprenticeship, a job, or a place at university. Our student tutors have very recently sat the same exams that your child is preparing for therefore are well placed to offer that inside knowledge on how to pass them.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How does it work?

We have a tutoring pool of students willing to teach a wide range of courses and levels. We compare your requirements with what they have to offer, then present you with information on all of them. You then have the choice of selecting who you want to study with. If you’re not satisfied, we will offer an alternative tutor.

What is the price?

Our student tutor rates vary between £25 and £35 per hour depending on the subject, location and degree of instruction you require.

Are all your tutors checked?

Yes! All of our tutors are thoroughly screened before being added to our tutor pool. They are questioned, their criminal records are checked, and their grades are verified to ensure that they received high marks in the subjects they teach.

How do I go about becoming a student tutor?

We are always looking for new members to join our team. We want to hear from you if you are a student currently enrolled in a UK university and believe you would make an excellent tutor! Joining us is free, and you can start earning immediately. If you meet our requirements, we will add you to our tutor database and send you jobs that match your qualifications. Click here to become a tutor with us.



We are very happy with Sarah. Elliot really enjoys their time together and is learning and consolidating a lot. Especially as it is just 1 hr a week. He looks forward to their ‘lessons’. Thank you Sarah

Rhiannon Bray May 21, 2022

Karl was an amazing tutor. He was tasked with helping me learn close to the whole A Level course in close to under 2 months, with myself having last learnt physics at GCSE two years ago and not reviewing it again since. He had a great approach with ensuring that I was able to learn and cover all the key concepts in a way that made logical sense, and was great at going above and beyond in showing all the elements to help me understand how to derive equations and how they linked together. For someone who really disliked physics, he made learning it very enjoyable with his visible passion and great personality - which definitely improved the whole experience. He was also great at providing additional resources in order for me to be able to recap all that was taught. I was able to perform greatly in the physics section for my medical university entry exam and I can definitely say that Karl's help had a great significance in that. I would definitely recommend him to any students studying physics.

RegBow April 2, 2022
Anna Berkeley March 31, 2022

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