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Headway Tutors provide chemistry tuition delivered by subject specialists so whether you are looking for science tuition in general or more subject specific help, we have highly trained science tutors ready to help.

Chemistry is exciting! The study of the atoms, molecules and compounds that make up everything on Earth means this subject has such vast scope. It is because of this scope that it has such strong links with other subjects including biology and physics of course but also medicine and engineering. A strong pass in Chemistry at GCSE or A level can stand you in good stead to study various subjects at higher education. However, the abstract nature of learning formulae and reactions can be daunting, and many children lose confidence. A tutor for science, specifically, a professional Chemistry tutor can make the subject come alive for your child as a personal Chemistry tutor will be focused on their individual needs. This kind of science tuition is impossible to achieve within a classroom full of other children, all at their own levels of ability and with their own aptitudes and interests.

Types of Chemistry Tutors

Headway Tutors are proud to provide a whole range of science tuition options, all delivered by qualified tutors and tailored to the needs of your child. Whether you are looking for a Chemistry tutor to come and work one to one in your home or you feel more comfortable with an online Chemistry tutor, we can meet your needs. We can provide support for children who have fallen behind, who are struggling with particular units of work or who need that extra support to properly prepare for their formal examinations. Perhaps your child has a particular gift for sciences or they have their heart set on a career in medicine. Specialist science tuition can ensure your child is able to fulfill their potential and can set them up for success in the next stage of their education.

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GCSE Chemistry Tuition and IB Chemistry Tuition

At GCSE, children are required to study science as it is a core subject. Children may study towards single subjects or combined science. In either case children study all three science subjects; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. In the combined science model, children will study and be examined in all three subjects and receive an award of two GCSEs; whereas in the separate subjects, in which the study and examination of each subject is in greater depth, children are working towards three GCSEs. Therefore it is essential that children succeed in each separate discipline. Science tuition at this crucial stage of their education can provide the type of support which is not available at school.

A Headway Chemistry tutor will carefully assess your child to provide bespoke Chemistry tuition to enable them to achieve their potential in either the foundation or higher level exam track. Our GCSE chemistry tutor can work with children on acquiring the knowledge they need and also prepare them for exam style questions. All our science tuition can be tailored to the relevant exam board: We can provide you with an AQA Chemistry tutor, an OCR Chemistry tutor, an Edexcel Chemistry tutor, an IB Chemistry tutor, WJEC Chemistry Tutor or a SQA National 5 Chemistry tutor.

A level Chemistry Tuition

A level Chemistry, as with all subjects, is much more challenging than GCSE. Although the course may cover some familiar topics, these will be in much more depth and are accompanied by whole new strands of learning. As well as the subject matter, an A level course is much more reliant on independent study, this is where quality science tuition can be invaluable. It is difficult with this first real taste of independent study, for your child to have correct focus and devise the correct timetable when it comes to revising and preparing for exams.

In a two year course, students will be required to recall knowledge from year 1 in their final examinations. Having an A level Chemistry tutor can ease the burden, allowing your child to perform to the best of their ability. Your child will receive tailored A level Chemistry tuition specific both to them and to the relevant exam board. We can provide you with an A level AQA Chemistry tutor, an A level OCR Chemistry tutor, an A level Edexcel Chemistry tutor, WJEC Chemistry Tutor or a SQA Higher Chemistry tutor.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Do you provide Chemistry tuition near me?

I’m looking for a Science tutor in London / Science tutor Leeds / Science tutor Nottingham / Science tutor Bristol / science tutor near me – do you have one?

Yes to all the above. We get lots of questions about locations. We have science tuition available in many areas, with a qualified and experienced science tutor who will provide Chemistry tuition in your home. Alternatively, we can also provide an expert online Chemistry tutor. Please get in touch for more details.

I’m looking for a tutor for science. How much does a chemistry tutor cost?

That will depend on the type of science tuition you require. Please contact us so that we can discuss your child’s needs.

Can you provide an online A level Chemistry tutor?

Yes, although many people choose to have A level chemistry tuition in their own homes, all our tuition is also available online so if location is an issue or you are happier with online learning, that’s fine, we can help.

Have a question that isnt listed above?

Please get in touch and our experienced and dedicated team will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

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