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Headway Tutors now offer an in-home Childcare service which offers flexible, professional childcare in your own home with one of our incredible tutors.

Childcare with an educational twist

All of our nannies come from an educational background so as well as offering childcare they are able to support your child with their homework or extracurricular learning. Our brilliant, fully vetted and reliable childcare professionals can help with pick up, cooking dinner and doing homework, while you enjoy a relaxed time with the children in the evening.

Our part time nannies offer pickups, drop offs, and the meals and snacks in between. They make sure your child gets to the right place, at the right time, while you focus on work. Plus childcare providers are able to support with other elements such a homework and homework.

Every child is different. That is why our experienced Headway Tutors Nannies adapt to your child’s needs, whether that’s running off energy before bed in the park or reading on the sofa.

Easy pricing and no stress hiring

We offer a simple pricing structure, and our rates are linked to the experience of the childcare provider. Our rates start at £15 per hour.

We make it easy to find an amazing nanny, with no upfront fees. Recruiting, vetting, reference checks and training is all taken care of.

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We are very happy with Sarah. Elliot really enjoys their time together and is learning and consolidating a lot. Especially as it is just 1 hr a week. He looks forward to their ‘lessons’. Thank you Sarah

Rhiannon Bray May 21, 2022

Karl was an amazing tutor. He was tasked with helping me learn close to the whole A Level course in close to under 2 months, with myself having last learnt physics at GCSE two years ago and not reviewing it again since. He had a great approach with ensuring that I was able to learn and cover all the key concepts in a way that made logical sense, and was great at going above and beyond in showing all the elements to help me understand how to derive equations and how they linked together. For someone who really disliked physics, he made learning it very enjoyable with his visible passion and great personality - which definitely improved the whole experience. He was also great at providing additional resources in order for me to be able to recap all that was taught. I was able to perform greatly in the physics section for my medical university entry exam and I can definitely say that Karl's help had a great significance in that. I would definitely recommend him to any students studying physics.

RegBow April 2, 2022
Anna Berkeley March 31, 2022

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