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Preparing your child for school (5 tips)

preparing your child for school 5 tips

A new term is approaching, and perhaps your child is starting to feel anxious about going back to school. Don’t worry, this is normal! However, make sure that those feelings of anxiety don’t develop into something else that might be harmful to their progress. There are a few things you as a parent can do to manage preschool anxiety, to make sure they hit the new term running. Below we will talk about 5 tips that will help your child be more prepared for going back to school.

So here it is… a parents guide to preparing your child for school, 5 tips:

1. Set realistic targets!

We know how tempting it is to set the highest objectives, however, difficult targets can sometimes put unnecessary stress on your child. Be realistic! Going from a C to an A might not always be a reasonable goal. By taking a step-by-step approach, your child will feel closer to achieving his or her targets and will at the same time develop study discipline and habits that are important to achieve top grades.

2. Prep a plan!

Staying on top of things gives you a sense of control which keeps anxiety levels low. By being aware of key dates and exams, you can start your preparations early. This is a fantastic way to keep both yourself and your child safe from surprises and to make home-studying a routine. 

3. It’s bedtime, kids!

Don’t flip the sleeping switch the night before school starts. This would probably mean that you will have to wake them up in the morning, meaning your child has slept too little. By getting back to an early-to-bed schedule the week before school starts, your child will be ready to kickstart their term in the best way. Remember, having to rush your child out of bed creates anxiety and stress for both parents and children. Yes, we´ve all been there…

4. Talk it up!

Going back to school shouldn’t be seen as a chore. Help your child feel excited about it, mention their friends, their new backpacks, whatever! There are many ways to get creative and to motivate your child, so experiment with what works best for you. However, if you can sense that something is not right, ask about it. It’s important that your child is in an emotionally positive state. If they have concerns, discuss it together and identify how it can be addressed.

5. Don’t forget your pen!

It might sound silly but having an empty pencil case on your first day back is an unnecessary annoyance. And remember, you as a parent will get the blame… Let your child choose their own supplies. A fancy pencil might sound like a small thing, but if your child finds enjoyment from that, chances are it will make studying feel a bit less intimidating.  

We hope these tips have given you a better idea on how to prepare your child for going back to school after the school holidays!

These tips are meant to diminish the stressful elements of going back to school, while making it easier to find sources of enjoyment. 

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