Preparing your child for exams (5 tips)

Sitting an exam can be a nervous experience for your child, however, they do not have to feel worried or saddened about it. Being a parent, there are a few things you could do to help your child feel better before the exam. And if your child is in a better state of mind, so are you!

5 tips in preparing your child for exams:

Stress management

Having some anxiety before exams is normal, actually, it even helps you perform at your best. Encourage your child. We can only ask for them to do their best. If it does not go well, there are always other opportunities coming. If you believe your child needs extra support, there are plenty of great options to choose from. Relax!

Practice an exam

Normally, you should be able to find practice tests online that give your child some hints about what to expect. This is a terrific way of finding out what your child needs to practice more! Knowing your strengths and weaknesses helps you to more efficiently allocate the time spent revising different subjects. Time is of the essence!

Reward your child

We have all been there, so we know studying before exams is tough. It is a lot of demanding work. As a parent, we need to reward our children when they have done something good. Therefore, reward them for their good work. Let them watch a movie or play their favourite game. Rewarding them for their determination keeps their motivation levels high and they’ll appreciate the treat! Win-win!

Be healthy

Eating healthy and exercising has for long been a winning concept. Children that do will have longer attention spans and will increase their information retention. Additionally, if your child gets a good night’s sleep the night before the exam you can be sure that they will perform at their best. Eat, sleep, revise, repeat!

Hire a tutor

If you feel like you have tried it all and done your best to make your child perform at school, but are concerned that it is not enough, consider hiring a tutor. There are plenty of tutors available that specialize in different subjects and test levels. Find your fit! Finding the tutor that works best for your child can elevate your child’s performance to a new level. There is no ´one size fits it all´, and that is the reason that private tutoring could be a worthwhile investment for you and your child. Keep learning!

These are just a few proven tips that can elevate your child’s learning and while it is no guarantee, it will certainly help! Preparing your child for the exams is important so that both of you can be confident and relaxed before the big day. Good luck!


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