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Why us?

At Headway, we specialise in supporting children through the challenging 11 plus entrance exams. Our experienced team of directors, teachers and tutors have developed our own enhanced curriculum for our students looking to sit the examinations. The directors and teachers involved in developing our curriculum are all based at independent schools in west London and fully understand the level a child must reach to successfully pass these exams. The progress is tracked and monitored on our own assessment programme, Pogo Progress.


When should I start?

Our programme is designed for children in Year 5 and approximately takes 16 months to complete.


How many sessions should I have?

This is down to you; we can inform you in more detail about the quantity of sessions needed per week following our free assessment.


What entrance exams should my child register for?

Once enrolled onto our 11 plus programme, you have access to free educational consultation from both our directors. We regularly monitor our students’ progress on Pogo and our students sit formal assessments (Easter before January of their exams). This informs us of their current level and provides a clearer understanding of what schools to register for. See our schools page for more information on their admissions processes. We share our knowledge of the schools' exam styles and their dates to ensure the preparation is correct. 


This process is new to me as a parent!

Don’t worry. Our administrator has a wealth of experience parenting children through the 11 plus examinations. She will check in at regular intervals to either listen to your worries or offer advice.


How will my child gain confidence in an exam situation?

We offer two mock exam workshops in the build-up to January. These are carefully designed to place children in a life like exam environment. The detailed feedback is then shared with you and the tutor to inform the planning over the final few months.

For more information please call or email us through our contact form.

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