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Jamie is a graduate from St Mary's University where he studied Primary Education. He thoroughly enjoys assisting and guiding children through new learning experiences, whilst challenging their thoughts to extend their learning further. 

He is fully aware the evolution of education and uses his life and educational experiences to support his teaching. Jamie is dyslexic, he has experienced the difficulties children can face in the classroom. He is highly experienced at assisting children who often do not quite understand what has been taught in a classroom setting. Everybody learns in different ways and it is about finding a way that suits the individual. Jamie is aware of how children engage in learning, some may have a lack confidence or need to find a different way to gain understanding.

'I am confident in my ability which is underpinned through my knowledge of past and present teaching methods and theories. I currently teach at an independent school in Hampton and have been involved in education for 7 years. Through working in such an inclusive and academic school, I have gained an deep understanding of how to prepare children for the 10 plus and 11 plus entrance exams."

Jamie's experiences in education help contribute to the personal approach Headway Private Tutors offers to all students and parents.

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