Free Parental Webinars 2024

Headway Tutors has supported over 5000 students since 2014, this year we want to extend that support to our parents. Our team regularly speak to parents about a whole host of academic and pastoral issues. Your child’s ability to manage their school life as well as mental workload effectively will have a direct impact on their future success. We want to help in any little way we can.

In conjunction with Freemind Mentors, join us over the next few months when we discuss topics such as Cultivating Confidence; How to be a Master of Mindset and How to Foster Resilience. All our interactive webinars will be evidence based as well as providing you with practical tools which you can implement right away.

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Your Host: Matt Clark

Matt Clark is an experienced teacher, coach, and school leader with 18 years of impactful work in education across three countries. As a dedicated coach, Matt believes in the power of a balanced and thriving mind and body. Through engaging workshops, Matt advocates for the importance of physical and mental wellbeing for students, parents, and teachers alike. He provides practical mindset tools to empower individuals, helping them perform at their best in all aspects of life. Join Matt for a fun and informative experience in our upcoming webinar series.

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What We Promise You

    1. Strategies for improving your child’s mental health and to help them to manage stress and anxiety in the lead up to exams.
    2. Access to the latest evidence based research and further reading with our post talk email
    3. Access to FREE downloadable tools for you and your child to help navigate the next few years of school
    4. The chance to ask live questions – Our live host will be on hand to answer any of your questions
    5. Time to learn about Freemind Mentors and how even low levels of mentoring can help improve intrinsic motivation and drive to succeed.

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