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Why choose us?

  • We pride ourselves on our ability to expertly match tutors to the individual needs of your child.

  • We offer a free initial consultation and assessment to identify the correct tutor and implement the best programme to suit your child’s capabilities and personality.

What to expect:

  • During the consultation we will establish and discuss your expectations, your objectives, and your family’s schedule.

  • We will explain how we can help, track and monitor progress whilst answering any questions you may have.

Who will I see?

  • All assessments are completed by one of our managers, who is a qualified teacher.

What happens next?

  • The manager will meet with Ross & Chris, then they will carefully select the correct tutor for your child. 

  • The child's learning styles, individual needs are considered; additionally, the tutor's experience and skills must match the criteria.

How much does it cost?

  • There is no cost or obligation.

For more information please call or email us through our contact form.

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