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11+ Preparation & Mock Exams

We are excited to inform you that following the success of our October 11+ mock exam sessions, we are offering another three day course in December 2019.


When & What?

Saturday 8th December (English)

Sunday 9th December (Maths)

Saturday 15th December (Verbal and Non-verbal)



The Exchange

75 London Road



(Opposite the train station)

Who plans and delivers the course?

Each session will focus on a particular subject and shall be delivered by qualified teachers and experienced educators. 

Course details and Structure

The content of this course has been developed by experienced teachers with the objective of fully preparing your child in the build up to their entrance exams.

Partaking in a group session fosters confidence within students; an essential component to helping them achieve their ambitions. The process of interacting and learning from other students will help them recognise their own strengths and areas to progress within themselves; whilst the Headway ethos of encouraging all students to take risks and actively engage in a safe, friendly group environment will help nurture students self-belief before taking their exams in January.

For those students who attended the workshop in October they will find the format of this one different as they will take the mock exam during the session and receive immediate feedback in the form of heavily supported group marking. This approach will ensure that any self-identified stumbling block can be instantly explained and explored in a collaborative way. 

The realistic replication of 11+ exam conditions will have the students sat in silence in conditions most commonly experienced within examinations. This is an opportunity for those students who aren’t used to more formal exams to acclimatise themselves to what will, in many cases, be a new and somewhat intimidating situation.


Each session shall be charged at £70.00, or £190.00 for the course of three days. 

To reserve a space at our December mock exams, please contact us below.

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